are we?

When we first started talking about the ami concept, the questions we kept asking ourselves were “what would we want to eat?” and “what sort of restaurant would we like to eat in?” From the small acorn of an idea ami Café and Bistro became a reality and opened its doors in June 2014. We are an independent, local family run business offering an alternative to the standardised fare of the large chains. Our independence allows us the luxury of being very flexible with our menu, constantly evolving our menu options as the seasons and tastes change.

From the very beginning the ambition was to serve customers with the best quality breakfasts, outstanding value lunches and first class dinners changing the ambiance to suit the mood. Our large spacious premises combined with professional design allow us to make subtle changes to the décor and lighting so that the evening experience feels very different and appropriate for the menu on offer.

We are particularly passionate about fresh, locally sourced produce. All of our suppliers are local to us which means we are able to bring you fantastic ingredients, delivered daily, whilst reducing food miles and supporting our local economy.

Our selection of wine is carefully chosen to complement our dishes and again is sourced from a local independent supplier.

So please sit back, relax and enjoy your meal, and as always, should you have any comments good or otherwise please do feed them back to our front of house staff.

Nick, Amy & the ami team